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Princella Seripenah is a self-taught artist born and raised in Ghana and currently resides in England. 

As an artist with a diverse background, Princella brings a unique perspective to her artistic practice. While she did not pursue a traditional art education, she has developed her craft through years of dedicated practice and exploration. Her experience as a medical student, graduating with honors and gaining a deep understanding of mental health and its complexities, has had a profound influence on her art. 

Through her work, Princella seeks to explore the intricacies of the human mind and challenge the stigmas surrounding mental health. Her art serves as a powerful tool for raising awareness and inspiring empathy, inviting viewers to explore new ways of understanding themselves and the world around them. 

Princella's artistic vision is also driven by the belief that a transcendent peace exists beyond the bounds of fear and negativity, constantly beckoning our souls. Her work reflects this ethos, often featuring portraits of black women in serene tranquillity. Through her art, Princella aims to inspire and uplift, offering a powerful counterpoint to the noise and tumult of modern life.

She has worked with clients such as Penguin Random House, TEN Speed Press, MEOCKA, HBOMax, Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation, Tangle Teezer


She explains “My creative work always bears a double signature; one that is mine as a skilled learner and God’s as The Divine Master.“

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B.F.A. Graphic + Media Design



princella seripenah

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