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Black girl art. Beautiful artwork of black girl

Princella Seripenah

Illustrator | Creative Artist

Vase in the shape of a body

Hello there,

it's lovely to meet you

I'm Princella Seripenah, a Ghanaian-born artist based in England. My artistic passion lies in crafting pieces that stir positive emotions and infuse a sense of peace and joy into the soul.

Inspiration constantly finds me through various visual sources—nature, architecture, colors, and the world around me. I firmly believe that art possesses the transformative ability to alter our perspectives and motivate us to reach our fullest potential.


Every artwork I create is driven by the purpose of inspiring and uplifting others, utilizing the potent force of art to showcase the beauty of experiencing this world.

You are welcome here!

Featured Project

'Black People Breathe' by Zee Clarke is a thoughtful, inclusive, and vividly illustrated guide to help Black people—and all people of color—heal from racial trauma using vital tools from an expert in mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork. Commissioned by Penguin Random House

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